Agenda Recreation Board 11/16/2022

Carroll Township Recreation Board
Meeting Agenda
November 15, 2022   7:00 PM
I. Call the meeting to order.
II. Approve previous meeting minutes.
III. Reports from committees
a. Budget/Expenditures update
b. CTCRC update 
IV.  Township/Association Updates
a. SDGSA update
b. SDYBA update
c. SYSA update
d. Township SupervisorsA
VI.  Old Business
a. Eagle Scout Project Updates 
b. Valley Road Park Playground
c. Valley Road building construction update
d. Fencing Repair/Installation status
VI. New Business/Other Discussion  
a. Valley Road Park Access control
VI. Agenda items for the next Township Board of Supervisors meeting
VII. Meeting Adjournment
Next Meeting – Tuesday, December 21, 2022