Carroll Township Recycling
Carroll Township uses a Buy the Bag program for recycling.  Simply purchase a recycling bag and place all recyclable materials in the same bag and put the bag in the recycling dumpster located at the Municipal Building.  The dumpster is available 24/7.  For curbside route pickup, refer to the hauler's website
Bags cost $2.75 each and can be purchased at the Municipal Building (during office hours), and at local retailers such as:  Ugo, the Market Place, and Karn's Food.  For additional locations to purchase bags, refer to the hauler's website

The Board of Supervisors encourages all residents to join in the effort to make Carroll Township a "greener" community by supporting the recycling program.  If you are already recycling, the Board of Supervisors thanks you smiley for helping to conserve and preserve the natural resourses of our planet!!!

Materials that can be recycled:

Aluminum Cans

Rinsed and crushed.  Foil is also accepted.

Bi-Metal (tin) Cans
Rinsed and Crushed.

Glass (any color)
Rinsed.  Dispose of all caps and lids. 

All Types of Books
Tied securely.  Must be placed in recyling bag,can no longer be accepted in paper bags.

Flattened cardboard boxes/cereal and shipping.  No packing material.

Plastic Containers and Bottles
Rinsed, no caps or lids, and CRUSHED, if possible.